Thank you!


thank you in letterpress typeThe phrase “Thank you” is nine characters that can be conveyed easily via text message, social media, and in more personal cases spoken and written.  Even so, this common courtesy is becoming less common as we trade in social etiquette for productivity.  In some ways we have lessoned the value of relationships in exchange for immediate wants and needs.

A reflection of what we see on social media sites, forums, and personal conversations shows that we are more likely to complain than praise.  We all know the feeling we get when we receive an email about our results or a personal thank you card.  If you’ve sent our team a thank you card or email chances are it’s posted on the wall in our office for everyone to see.  It’s the feeling of accomplishment and appreciation that a thank you creates for the recipient.  Now that they happen less and we tend to see more negative comments on social commentary sites a “Thank you” carries even more weight.

A thank you should be expressed in a manner that is appropriate for the reason.  Writing a long thank you letter to someone who gave you positive feedback or a text message saying “Thank you” to someone who just loaned you a sum of money both seem incongruent because they don’t reciprocate at the same level.

Some examples of good practises include:

  • A simple email thanking your client or supervisor for acknowledging your work.

  • A letter or hand written thank you card for someone who made your job easier or went out of their way to help.

  • A verbal thank you to someone holding a door open.

  • A thank you text message to someone who sent you a message to cheer you up.

  • A thank you on Facebook for birthday wishes or words of encouragement also posted to Facebook.

The decision to thank people is personal but in the business world thanking someone for going above and beyond for you is one way to let them know they are recognized for their work.  We recently created special thank you cards and empowered our team with the tools (cards, envelopes and stamps) to thank our clients and suppliers for their support.  It has been a great success already and it gives our team members a way to develop deeper relationships.

No matter what you believe about the origins of Thanksgiving it has become associated with celebrating the gifts and bounty we have received and worked hard for.  Many cultures and religions celebrate a similar type feast.  It can also be a time where we make appreciation of others a higher priority.  Thank you for your time today.


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