Order Management

Daily help with your business

Our clients tell us that managing orders is what keeps them from focusing on the big picture ideas and sales.  Our team can manage orders, help circumvent issues and keep your clients happy.



Order Management Includes

  • Order Entry – Let us enter orders, create purchase orders and send to the supplier.
  • Tracking Orders- Know your orders are in production and ship on time.
  • Billing- Collect supplier invoices, verify any differences and bill the client.
  • Customer Service- Be there for your clients to answer questions and communicate order status.



We use project management tools with custom templates to track each step of the order process.

Schedule                                                                        Gantt Chart                                                 Project Details

WE_projecttasks                       WE_projectgantt                         WE_orderproj


 Retainer Services

Our Retainer account makes it easy to manage your time and money.  Based on the amount of time you need weekly to handle your order management and business development tasks you account is billed weekly to ensure continuous service.  Order Management solutions are only available using our Retainer account.

See more about Retainer Account Options.


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