Business Development


Resources that Build Sales

Virtual Help Resources provides tools that help increase sales.  From Product Sourcing to Graphic Design our team can assist as needed with your business development.



Source Products

We work with print and promotional product and apparel suppliers everyday.  Product sourcing is one way we can help you grow your business and free up time.  We use both Sage and ESP databases along with vendor catalogs to help source the best items for your client.  We can also research and source items outside of the ASI network for special projects.  Your presentation is created specifically for you.


Prepare Quotes and Presentations

Our quotes are customized with your logo and contact information.  You decide which items, margins and the amount of detail.


Email Marketing

We can help you generate sales by creating marketing emails with the best products of the month or advertise the latest deals on best selling items.



We manage a number of E-commerce platforms and E-commerce orders.  Our team can set up new items, create and upload virtual images with the client logo and add or rotate items to keep your site fresh.


Graphic Design

Add Graphic Design to your service portfolio and increase your sales with existing clients.  Your clients may have designers that are overloaded with projects or they are already sourcing work to an independent designer.  Our design team knows the options and limitations of imprinting on promotional products and apparel.

Samples of previous projects


Blocks of Time

Our Blocks of Time Accounts are designed for clients who use our business development services.  This  account type is based on the ebb and flow of these service needs.

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