Say ‘hello’ to our new logo and the thought behind it



Our first logo, created by Linda Cram, when we started in 2009 has served us well but as Virtual Help Resources has grown and evolved it was time to create a logo that represented our brand for today and tomorrow.  What’s behind a logo?  A logo can be the first impression a brand makes so it’s important that the logo conveys a feeling, tone and identity that matches your organization, product or services.  Our new logo will be the foundation of our new marketing presence but our clients will always play the most important part as the foundation of our success.  This is why we chose to offer this unusual insight into our logo redesign.

Color Choice

If we chose a color such as pink or purple our logo would have been perceived as feminine.  Not entirely wrong since our team consist of all women at this time but our brand is not about women it’s about productivity.  Our new colors are Blue and Green.  Blue represents the stability that VHR offers and the trust our clients place in us to handle their needs.  The darker blue color we chose is representative of expertise and stability.  Green is frequently used by brands to symbolize nature but it also symbolizes harmony and growth.  These two colors together convey our abilities.


VHR isn’t fancy or flashy, we don’t sell luxury cars.  We are in the business of business and more specifically helping companies grow.  Using one of the the most common fonts used in business seemed like the best choice.  Verdana Bold Italic is a font that shows stability and clarity.  A simple sans serif font, bold and pointed towards the future, just like us.

Symbol or Icon

Communication is at the foundation of what we do so creating an icon that represented our various areas of service and the overall way they work together was the most difficult part of the new design.  The dots represent our various areas of service but together they form arrows in two directions showing how important communication plays in our organization.


Tagline sums up what a company offers.  It’s also a positioning statement.  VHR offers many services and we continue to add to our list of services so positioning ourselves based on what we offer today would not serve us well tomorrow.  What will not change is our mission to help businesses grow by increasing their productivity.  Our tagline “Your productivity solution” is a constant even as VHR continues to evolve.

While there are many very talented graphic designers who are capable of creating a fantastic looking design I encourage you to look at their previous work and put it to the test.  Do the logos they create match the brand and their products and services?  Does the logo work as a one color logo?  Do you have an idea of what the company does just by looking at the logo?  Does the logo characterize the brand well?  If a graphic designer doesn’t ask questions about your company, your vision and positioning statement then keep looking.


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