• Say ‘hello’ to our new logo and the thought behind it

      Our first logo, created by Linda Cram, when we started in 2009 has served us well but as Virtual Help Resources has grown and evolved it was time to create a logo that represented our brand for today and tomorrow.  What’s behind a logo?

    Say ‘hello’ to our new logo and the thought behind it
  • Thank you!

      The phrase “Thank you” is nine characters that can be conveyed easily via text message, social media, and in more personal cases spoken and written.  Even so, this common courtesy is becoming less common as we trade in social etiquette for productivity.  In some ways we have lessoned the value of relationships in exchange… Continue Reading

    Thank you!
  • Taking Time to relax?

    Are you working long hours and wondering where the time went at the end of the day?  It’s a frequent complaint  in our society and it’s generally frowned upon if you don’t manage to fill your day with important tasks.  When I get a call from a potential client they are usually at the breaking… Continue Reading

    Taking Time to relax?
  • Community

    As a distributor it’s easy to forget that you are connected to a group of distributors, suppliers, industry associations, volunteers and supplier representatives.  It is the whole group that introduces new and exciting products, keeps products safe, educates new sales reps and law makers and responds to consumer trends and needs.  It’s the community I’ve… Continue Reading

  • Practise what I Preach

      As a bootstrapped business owner I’m always watching how our pennies get spent.  If possible I try to get things done myself or with the help of our talented team.  These ladies can operate a drill just as well as a phone and keyboard.  Last week I made the decision to maximize our space and help… Continue Reading

    Practise what I Preach
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